Streamlined HR System Leads to Cost-Savings for Client

pool-professionals-logoTheir spring hiring rush was quickly approaching and our client, Pool Professionals of North Carolina, needed to streamline their hiring process for more than 800 seasonal employees across four markets. In less than six weeks, we took the project from strategy session to implementation, delivering an automated HR portal and training key employees on use of the system.

Our strategy session began with a detailed discussion of critical milestones in the hiring process. This approach ensured the technology adapted to the process, and not the other way around, as is often the case with the implementation of new technology.

This new system improved the hiring process efficiency through reduced man hours resulting in an anticipated direct net gain to company income in excess of $75,000 in the first year. Unnecessary paperwork, in person meetings to get signatures, and volumes of email were all but eliminated.
The portal led employees through the five different stages of the hiring and onboarding process:

  1. Application
  2. Interview
  3. Offer and Acceptance
  4. Completion of Onboarding Paperwork
  5. Orientation

In addition, the portal enabled seasonal employees (consisting of mainly high school and college students) to complete and sign paperwork via their smartphones.

We are currently expanding the portal to streamline and automate Pool Professionals’ follow up with residential customers, and improve communications and supply requests among the maintenance staff.

“Creating an HR portal was a goal of ours for several years. Ginny and her team were essential in bringing this concept to life. They were tremendous in helping us complete the project in a tight time frame but what impressed me the most was the value add that Ginny brought to the project. In combining her expertise on digital strategy, background as an attorney, and her ability to quickly assimilate to our industry she not only made our concept a reality but substantially improved it. The value that Ginny and her team created has quickly equated into cost and time savings for us through streamlined HR operations for our organization.”

Dan DeLeo, Pool Professionals Chief Operating Officer