Digital Marketing Strategist for Judicial Campaign

When Elizabeth Scott announced her campaign for the North Carolina Court of CampaignLOGO_SCOTT_blueAppeals in 2014, she joined  18 other candidates running in a special election for one vacant seat.  There was no time to waste with a 3 month campaign cycle.

I reached out to my network to put together Elizabeth's branding, website, signage, and other promotional items.  I also assembled and managed a team of recent law school graduates to serve as volunteers for her campaign.

Elizabeth describes our work together below.

Ginny spearheaded the marketing strategy for my 2014 North Carolina Court of Appeals campaign. This was my first run for office, the campaign was statewide, and the campaign cycle was short – about three months total. When I filed for office, I had no photos, website, logo, campaign Facebook or Twitter accounts, and only a handful of volunteers.

Ginny took swift action. Using her expertise and vast resource network, Ginny oversaw logo creation and branding, website design and development, social media account and content development, and procurement of signage and other logoed merchandise. Within a couple of weeks I had a beautiful website that could accept donations, and was able to communicate with potential voters, donors, and volunteers through coordinated website, email and social media messages and content that was constantly being refreshed. Ginny recruited, grew, organized, and supervised volunteers across the State to reach a larger swath of people than I could have ever hoped to reach one-on-one.

Prior to the campaign, I was able to watch and benefit from Ginny's talents in action while she served as Marketing and Business Development Manager for Williams Mullen's three North Carolina offices. Ginny has a calm, yet focused approach, that enables her to quickly evaluate the issues, challenges, and opportunities relevant to whatever project she tackles. She works quickly and efficiently to deliver an excellent end product. I highly recommend Ginny Allen and welcome our next opportunity to work together!