Hi, I'm Ginny.

I am an attorney and former law firm marketing director turned entrepreneur and digital strategist.   

Our profession is changing rapidly thanks to the great disruptor — the Internet. And on top of providing your clients quality service, you are running your practice, involved in your community, and working hard to generate new business.  All while trying to figure out how to use the Internet and technology to improve efficiency and broaden your reach.

The pace of change in legal will only increase, and you need to know how to adapt. Marketing your practice online is only the tip of the digital iceberg — you must use technology and the Internet to improve the client experience and deliver your services in a different way.

I work with lawyers and law firms ready to use technology to improve operational efficiency (save money), market their practices online (make money), and improve the client experience (so current clients will come back and tell their friends.)  If you'd like to schedule a free consultation, email me at ginny@thisbusinessoflaw.com.  

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Ginny Allen, Esq.

Twitter: @Ginny_Allen
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ginnyallen 

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